Super Best Friend #1&2 - A 44 Page Superhero Adventure Comic by Jason Inman

Created by Jason Inman

Welcome to SUPER BEST FRIEND, an exciting comic series from Ringo Award nominated writer Jason Inman (Jupiter Jet & Super Soldiers), artist George Kambadais (The Black Ghost & Buckhead) letterer Taylor Esposito (Beef Bros & Red Hood) and editor Brittany Matter (Miranda in the Maelstrom & Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio) that follows young MATTIE MOORE who records the exploits of his best friend and superhero, CAPTAIN TERRIFIC. Plus, don't miss our STUNNING Variant Cover by COMICS LEGEND Dan Jurgens (Death of Superman, Captain America & Booster Gold)

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Locking Final Addresses and FULLFILLMENT update!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 01:06:38 AM

Hey Superfriends! 

You should have received a couple of important emails from me. 

1) A Backerkit Email asking you to lock your final shipping address. 

  • The physical books have arrived at Jason Inman HQ. (There's a picture below.) I'll be taking a vacation next week to visit my family, but after the 4th of July, I'll start packing Super Best Friend Issue 2 to hit the post offices! (It'll take 2-3 weeks for domestic and 30-60 days for international backers.) If you need to change your address or miss this update, please email me so I make sure you receive your physical books at the correct address. This will have us delivering the book 2 months early, which is fantastic! Or as some would say -- SUPER! 

2) Digital Rewards / Digital Copies of Super Best Friend have gone out!

  •  I just blasted out notification emails for the Super Best Friend #2 PDF so you can download it from Backerkit. If you can't find that email, you can always scoop them up at  Email me if you have any problems. 

3) Download all the EXTRA DIGITAL COMIC BONANZA BOOK PDFS from the Stretch Goal here.

Look at this beautiful second issue in the FLESH!

Thanks again, everyone.  I hope you enjoy reading the issue (s) as much as I have.

We're just starting production on ISSUE 3 -- the big finale where we say goodbye to Mattie and Terrific. So stay tuned for more announcements about the final Kickstarter soon!


Jason Inman

SBF 02 Issue Proofs Are Here - Shipping Update for Issue 2!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 18, 2022 at 07:49:31 PM

Hey Superfriends, take a look at this!

That's right -- the Super Best Friend Issue 2 proofs have arrived and they look great!

Next week, I'll be asking you to lock your final shipping addresses and after visiting my family for the 4th of July weekend -- fulfillment will begin! 

Digital and physical issues will be going out in July and hitting your mailboxes in July and August!

Until then...



My good pal and Only Stupid Answers Podcast DJ Wooldridge has launched the second volume of his Hellbent Comic. Here's a little bit of info about it -- 

In the world of HELLBENT the Devil is a sanctimonious zealot who loves God so much that he's willing to destroy humanity to prove it, but his daughter, JEZI, rejects her demonic destiny, and comes out as a trans woman in the process. JEZI, the rebellious antichrist on the run, and her deadly defender NICK, return in this ALL-NEW 44 PAGE COMIC from co-writers DJ Wooldridge and Jayna July, interior artist Heather Vaughan (Kids on Bikes, Unmatched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer), colorist Francesca Cittarelli (Vampirella, Sacred Six), and letterer Haley Rose-Lyon (Insider Art), along with glorious guest artists Kaylee Rowena, Kayla Felty, Kam White, and Robin Tess!

***Brittany Matter -- fantastic Super Best Friend 1 & 2 editor also worked on this RAD COMIC!***


That's it!

Thank you super friends.

Jason Inman

Huzzah! The Book is at The PRINTER!
almost 2 years ago – Thu, May 05, 2022 at 07:47:36 PM

Hello Super Friends!

We have some exciting news! Our wonderful printer COMIC IMPRESSIONS has the final files, and they are sending me proofs of the printed comic as we speak. Once those are approved, the books will be printed and one step close to arriving in your super hands!

Currently, there are ONLY 33 BACKERS who still haven't completed their survey.  And I hate knowing that we have super friends who won't get their rewards, so if that's you -- head here -- -- and fix that mistake ASAP!

***Also apologies for my delay on fulfilling the Script Reviews/Zoom Calls tiers, I'll be reaching out to those backers over the next few weeks to start scheduling things***

In the Meantime -- three of my awesome creator friends have launched new projects...

Ron Randall is talented creator, a great kickstarter mentor and a true powerhouse of crowdfunding. I've been a big fan of TREKKER for years, but don't take my word for this high quality book...

From his campaign -- Sci-fi bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair's quest leads to a deadly duel in the icy clouds of a remote, frozen world. 120+page graphic novel. Mercy's quest to resist the oppressive, system-ruling Council leads her to a remote, frozen world. There she finds new allies, faces old enemies, and fights a deadly duel in the frozen skies to determine the fate of the entire rebellion! Like every other book in the series, TREKKER: BLOOD IN THE WIND works as an excellent introduction to Mercy and her world. Each volume tells a complete adventure: Beginning, middle, and end. When you put the tales all together, they just paint a deeper, richer portrait of Mercy and her world. BACK IT HERE.

Fa Sheng is a death-cheating, mind-bending Shaolin Master… but he carved a long bloody road to get there. Fa Sheng’s story begins in the latter days of the 19th century when the propaganda and carnage of China's Boxer Uprising force him to reevaluate his purpose in life, to dedicate himself to helping those in need. It isn’t easy. Between Fa Sheng and his goal of enlightenment stand ruthless adversaries, backstabbing power grabbers and cowardly charlatans… any of whom would gladly dispose of anyone in their way. Authored by my friend, screenwriter, Rylend Grant, this is a book of high adventure, and highly recommended. BACK IT HERE

LOOK AT THAT COVER! LOOK AT IT AGAIN! The wonderfully friendly and supportive KARL KESEL is back at it again for another issue of Impossible Jones. This series has been non-stop fun, and any fan of Super Best Friend is going to adore this book. Impossible Jones is a thief turned superhero, and each of her super powered guest stars have been a riot. The synopsis -- A story of GHOSTS… and other things that haunt us. DELUXE DOUBLE-SIZED comic by KESEL (King Shark, Harley Quinn) & HAHN (Batman '66). BACK IT HERE. 

That's it!

Thank you super friends. 

Jason Inman

6 Days Till Survey Deadline & Other Cool Projects!
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Apr 08, 2022 at 08:56:59 PM

Hi super friends! If you have not already filled out your BackerKit survey (53 of you!), please do so by 4/14! We will lock the orders 24 hours after that so we can keep our project on schedule. If you don't fill out your survey, we will not have your addresses to ship, your Kickstarter Account name will be used on the Thank You page and you'll miss out on rewards.

If you are uncertain whether you have filled out your survey, or don't know how to access your survey, you can go here -- or email me on Kickstarter and I will happily send it to you.



Welcome to the world of THE DARING DOUBLE LIFE OF ACE ADAMS, an action-packed, 100-page all-new, original graphic novel by Eisner-nominated writer Nate Cosby (Cow Boy), artist Jacob Edgar (James Bond), colorist Kike J. Diaz (Red Sonja), and letterer Rus Wooton (The Walking Dead). A Kickstarter for ALTER EGO is now live from Linney Incorporated, featuring variant covers by superstar artists Wilfredo Torres, Phil Hester, Declan Shalvey, Chris Eliopoulos, and SOZOMAIKA, and a main cover from artist and co-creator Jacob Edgar.

In THE DARING DOUBLE LIFE OF ACE ADAMS, LA’s scandalous crime wave inspires two strikingly different heroes to spring into action. By day, the streets are protected by Whiz-Bang, a grinning, gregarious defender of goodness. By night, the City of Angels is defended by an entirely different kind of hero: The Black Dog appears in a cloud of smoke, a mysterious vigilante determined to strike fear in cowardly criminals. And unbeknownst to the mayor, the police force, the entire city…these radically different heroes share an incredible secret: They are the same man.


Scoop up the GRAPHIC NOVEL with George's Awesome Cover here!

ALSO -- good friend and amazing writer -- RYLEND GRANT is launching a new comic on Kickstarter with our old friends -- Immortal Studios! 

Fa Sheng: Origins #1 by Rylend Grant and Dexter Wee

The epic journey of the death-cheating, mind-bending Shaolin Master begins here, in a thrilling, all-new comic. Give them a FOLLOW and help them have a great first day when they launch later this month. 


We're wrapping up that last bit of pages -- preppring them for the printer. So stay tuned for more news soon. 


Jason Inman

almost 2 years ago – Sun, Apr 03, 2022 at 12:37:37 PM

Happy Friday Super Friends!

(This update is not an April Fools joke.)

We have officially sent out the all BackerKit Surveys to our backers! You should see an email in your inbox that looks a little like this...

The emails will be coming from "Jason Inman" so be sure to check your spam filters or make sure the correct email address is connected to your Kickstarter account. 

We need EVERYONE to fill out their Backerkit surveys as soon as possible so we can get your correct names for the THANK YOU PAGE in our PDFS, and get all our item counts correct for the PRINTER!

The DEADLINE for these surveys is 4/14/2022. So, you have 2 weeks to fill it out. 

(What happens if I miss the deadline?) -- I'm so glad you asked!

If you miss the deadline -- we will use your Kickstarter Account Name for the Thank You Page, BUT... we will not be able to send you any of your rewards until you complete the survey. So it's important to fill out that survey as soon as you see it. 

And if you ever lose the link to your survey you can go here -- or email me on Kickstarter and I will happily send it to you. 


Backers who have pledged to the campaign using their AppleID but haven't completely set up their Apple Pay account (linking their email address to their Apple Wallet) will have issues receiving their emails from BackerKit.

Those backers have a email address and will need to reach out to the creator team or BackerKit Support to update their email address in BackerKit.

You'll be able to reach out to BackerKit Support by clicking the "need help" link from the Lost Survey page:

Please update your Apple Pay email as soon as possible to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message on Kickstarter and I'll be happy to help you! And don't worry, I will pop back in here to send a reminder a few days before the deadline. 

Excited to get Super Best Friend Issue 2 in your hands as soon as possible! 

Cheers and have a great weekend

Jason Inman